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Entry for January 3, 2007 The Gifts of the Spirit

The Gifts  of the Spirit

The Christmas season is behind us, we give and sometimes give gifts to our loved ones, some are more useful than others. We all like to receive gifts and the giving of gifts is too a great way to express our love to others. But no gift that we could ever give or receive will ever compare to the gifts that God gave His church Through His Son Jesus and the Great Holy Ghost.


God has given us many gifts, and we should be thankful for each and every gift. He gives us gifts individually to help us through our day to lives. The greatest gift to us  is undoubtably His ONLY BEGOTTEN SON, JESUS CHRIST.

When Jesus ascended back to the right hand of the Father to be our mediator, our intercessor and our advocate with the father, He endowed His church (the ecclessia) with special unique gifts that were given to us all. His gifts were not restricted to the early church, but were intended to be in operation continuously and actively until he comes and catches us away to be with him.


The Gifts of the Spirit

These gifts were given to lift up and edify his church and its constituency, lets look at the "Gifts of the Spirit" and see what they mean to us today.


1 Corinthians 12:1 Now concerning Spiritual Gifts... And 

First             Word of Wisdom

Second        Word of Knowledge

Third           Faith

Fourth         Gifts of Healing

Fifth              Working of Miracles

Sixth            Prophesy

Seventh      Discerning of spirits

Eighth         Divers kinds of Tongues

Nine          Interpretation of Tongues


How bad would you feel if the gifts that you gave this Christmas season were put away and never used? God gave us these "Gifts" that we should put in to practice. Lets express our love and thankfulness to God for His gifts and put them to use so that we can be the children of God that would glorify His name to those around us.

These gifts should be working in every church, especially since we say that we believe the truth.


My prayer is that you will seek the Lord and read His word and be enlightened by the Holy Scriptures.


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