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Entry for October 22, 2006


North Korea is testing Nuclear Bombs, There is no doubt that Iran is also working hard toward having a strong nuclear war machine, things like this should be a wake up call for Christians.


The continued struggle in the Middle East, Aerial Sharon has been removed from power because of his medical condition. Fidel Castro is in an ailing condition and he too will soon be replaced. It appears to me that there is something on the horizon that will soon culminate into another concern for the people around the globe.


When this unrest reaches its peak we are likely to see a coming together of countries that will be unprecedented. The Christians around the world need to focus on the soon second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. " ...just a little while, and He that shall come will come and will not tarry".


The world is in dress rehearsal for the Tribulation Period spoken of in the scripture.  " The time of Jacobs trouble, the time of the end is upon us, and we should examine ourselves, look deep into our own hearts and get ready for the Rapture of the church.


Take the time today to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Pray for your family, your children, grand children, Mothers, and Fathers, " for we know not the day nor the hour" but " when we see the fig trees begin to blossom, we know that summer is near" and when we see these things begin to happen, We know that Christ's appearing is very soon.


My friend search your heart. If you are not saved, the Repent and be converted, for the coming of the Lord is soon to occur.


Be Ready.  for Jesus said himself " Behold I come Quickly"





2006-10-23 02:39:18 GMT

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