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Entry for March 20, 2007

Is Foot Washing an Ordinance of the Church?


John 13:1-17

In an upper room Jesus does something that is a shock to His disciples.

After having what is later known as “The Last Supper” where Jesus typifies the meal that was before them as “His Flesh” speaking of the bread, and “His Blood” speaking of the wine. He tells them that “his hour” has come. He begins to mentally prepare them for what was ahead, not only for him, but for them as well.

Then he does something that is very unusual, he pours water into a basin and washes their feet. Just as the bread and the wine were symbols that he would use to bring about a truth and a future remembrance, so would the washing of his disciple’s feet be a symbol that would impact their lives.

The disciple’s Lord and Master takes on the role of a slave and stoops down before them in humility and washes their feet. He didn’t wash their feet because they were dirty, Jesus said you are already clean. So the washing of the feet was a symbol of a deeper message.

Great men and women can be freed from the slavery of the ego and of pride.

 What do you think of foot washing?

Is it a practice that should continue? If so, where is it in the Christian church?

There are some that refuse to participate in the practice of foot washing even though Jesus Christ our Lord said “ Ye Ought To Do It”.

We Baptize in Water!

We Partake in Communion!

Why not Wash one another’s feet?

Jesus said I have given you an example that you should follow.

Why do some churches believe in washing one another’s feet?

Simon Peter said “ never shall you wash my feet”  Jesus answered “If I do not wash you, you have no part with me”.

The reason many refuse to participate is because of Pride. Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord and He will lift you up.

To humble ourselves no matter our position, our status, our title, we must be willing to lay aside these things and follow the example of Jesus Christ.

It is clear that God intended for his disciples to continue this practice after he left them.

In Timothy, The apostle Paul mentions a requirement “ If she washes the saints feet”

I do believe that Christ fully intends that we in the 21st Century follow His example and wash one another’s feet.

Many feel that this practice should not occur in a worship service. I however believe that if we are the Church of Jesus Christ, that we will have no problem being a willing participant in what Christ said, “ we ought to do”.

Water Baptism Is an Ordinance of the Church. All Believers are to be baptized in water.

Holy Communion, The taking of the bread and fruit of the vine, as we remember the death of Christ. All Believers should participate in this Practice.

Washing The Saints Feet, Jesus gave us an example that we should follow. All Believers should participate in washing one another’s feet.

The three above are all ordinances of the Christian Church.

I have seen many churches that at one time followed Christ’s Example, but as they have grown in stature have forsaken this practice. These are those who have too much pride, and believe that this practice in unimportant.

Don’t take my word for it.

Don’t listen to those who do or do not wash the saints feet.

Search the scripture, follow the Holy Spirit.

Humble yourselves. Be Faithful. Follow Christ!

 Michael K. Mann

2007-03-21 01:32:48 GMT
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Michael I believe and we practice feet washing in our Church. While the observance of the symbolic act of servanthood is to be observed according to Jesus example it is only a reminder that we are to be living lives of service one to another.
2007-04-19 17:24:06 GMT

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