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Entry for September 6, 2006

Tupelo Mississippi passed a new law that takes effect in 30 days that ban's smoking in all restaurants and business establishments.

The ban includes bar's and restaurants alike, I for one appreciate being able to have a family meal in a local restaurant, but I feel that some business establishments should retain the right to offer a smoking section "if they prefer". I for one believe that smoking is a bad thing and causes a series of health issues, but so does fast food. the number one health problem in Mississippi is Obesity, lets take a crack at banning fast food.

Smoking is wrong, as it defiles the body, and the body is the temple of the Holy Ghost, Gods commands DO NOT DEFILE THE TEMPLE... which you are.

Thats my take.

What to you think

2006-09-06 13:51:00 GMT
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Its wrong to take away the civil liberties of Americans. The move to take away smoking is undoubtably a socialist move to control the people. What next, I cant smoke in the car?
2006-09-08 10:50:17 GMT

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